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The process of renting out a space that is either a furnished apartment, house, or professionally managed resort condominium for temporary basis is referred to as vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are alternatives to hotels and tourists stay there as long as they want. Another term of a vacation rental is a villa rental as applied in European countries, holiday cottages, holiday homes and self-catering rentals. The location of vacation rentals is in privately owned vacation properties. The vacation rental is fully furnished with all the necessary items in place. An upper class country home that has its origin in Roma is a villa.

When a living space is sold independently and is similar to an apartment its referred to as a condominium. The building structure of a condominium is divided to several units that are separately owned. Based on the legal structure the difference between a condominium and an apartment is noted.

Buildings come in different shapes, functions and sizes in which have scaled throughout modern history. Weather conditions, land prices, specific uses, aesthetic reasons and building materials are the factors that influence turning out of a building. There are certain reasons as to why buildings are located such as weather, privacy, living space and weather which referred to as societal needs.

Complex, multi-storey and residential are the various types of buildings. Single family houses, duplex, apartment, condominium and bedsitters are types of residential buildings. Cottage, mansion, stilt house, earth sheltered and log home are examples of residential homes. A complex is a group of inter-related builds and a building that has multiple floors is referred to as a multi-storey. Services of a building a physical plant and conveying systems which transport people within buildings. Escalator, elevator, skyway, moving side walk and underground city are examples of conveying systems.

Combination into a single architectural building that is a multiple physical house is a town house complex. Individuals living in a plot of land that is affixed to it also belong to parts of larger buildings. Consideration of certain tips are done so when choosing a vacation rental. A listing of what an individual wants when looking for a vacation rental is by using a reputable website.

The only difficulty experienced by individuals is that during the process of searching there is a difficulty to determine if the house listed is the real rental house. However by using reputable websites, home owners and managers provide details and photos of their homes in order to ensure legibility. Its important to use specific dates when searching for a vacation rental.

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