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The Facts about the Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers

It is against the law for any dependent adult to be abused and the matter can be court subject. The law protects any persons such as elders, seniors and dependent adults that are living in an assisted facility. Several incidents have been seen whereby the elders are inflicted with depression, and harm from the caregivers and this needs not to happen. In case of any dependent adult abuse, you should work with a neglect lawyer to determine the cause of action .

The nursing home are the major culprits to inflict abuse to most of the residents that are 65 years and over. The primary forms of abuse that they are likely to be exposed to include the sexual, physical, caregiver neglect, emotional and financial abuse. It is important that you speak with your elder so as to know if they are tortured by the caregivers.

It is easy to tell if your loved one has gone any physical abuse because it involves the use of force to the body which may cause harm or impairment. Some of the common types of abuse include the hitting, caning, pushing, biting, slapping, burning or using any other item to cause a physical force. You need to speak with your loved one and find out if they’re being abused and also check on the signs such as the lesions, burns, and the scars on the surface of the skin.

Your loved one will spend most of the time with caregivers who includes the in-home care providers, nurses, and any care-giving staff at any nursing home or hospital. The caregivers should be present most time to ensure that the needs of their loved ones are met such as offering nutrition, hydration, hygiene and ensuring that they take in the medication. Failure to observe any of the above can lead to caregiver neglect and some signs include the weight loss, dehydration, bedsores, lesions, respiratory infections, hospitalization, choking and loss of personal effects.

Sexual abuse is also likely to happen, and you should check for the signs such as complaints of being touched inappropriately bloody clothes or sheets, and unexplained sexual transmitted diseases. You should also check on the financial details of your loved one to ensure that they are not abused financially.

It is your duty as the guardian to check if the assisted living facility are offering the best conditions for any dependent that you is above 18 years. When you have discussed with your loved one and noticed any incidences of abuse, you should contact the home neglect attorney to ensure that the issue is addressed by the court.

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