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How to Boost Your Winnings at Online Roulette

If you are determined to improve you luck at the online roulette table, begin by improving your mindset. Everything flows from there. Chance takes care of all the rest.

It’s chance, period.

First of all, don’t think you can win in roulette with any expert knowledge or skills. Nothing is there for you to learn. As opposed to poker and blackjack, roulette is totally based on chance, nothing more. Mastery of the rules, bets, odds and payouts definitely helps, but in the end, it is Lady Luck alone who can shape the outcome.

Be wise with your bankroll. All set on playing roulette? Set your bankroll and handle it wisely. Don’t risk all your hard-earned cash at once. Split your bankroll, and once you reach your limit, stop.

Know which game to play.

Roulette can be single zero or double zero. Which should you choose? You have twice as many odds at single zero as you have at double zero. Hence, play European roulette to lower the casino edge. Casino edge for American roulette is 5.26%, while for European roulette, it’s 2.7%. If you can find a No Zero roulette online, go for it as it has no house edge.

Pick the right bets.

Avoid Inside Bets, particularly Straight up because it has the largest casino edge and pays out 35:1. Money Bets come with the best odds, 1:1. Try Column or Dozen bets, which pay out 2:1. Of course, you’re still going to decide on the bets that you would like to make. In any case, don’t forget to play with small chips and don’t risk large amounts because your chances of winning are the same as your chances of losing.


Online casinos typically offer a free play option for all their games, and that includes roulette. You should also explore different systems or strategies to know how they work.

Don’t be scammed.

Don’t even think of buying any roulette system and strategies, especially those that promise consistent wins. As we have mentioned, roulette is purely a game of chance, so such promises or guarantees are automatically a sham. The same applies to computer systems, which are not only ineffective but also illegal.

There are lots of betting systems that can help structure your gameplay, but there is no way they can boost your odds.

Just have fun.

Finally, when you play roulette, remember to just enjoy. The moment you feel mad or frustrated, leave. If you stay on and feed those negative emotions, your losses will be greater. That’s the worst that you can do when playing any casino game. Don’t kill your love for roulette by making bad memories with it.

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