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Difference Between Cosmetic And Restorative Dentistry

Dentistry is the branch of medicine that enable you to take care of your teeth and keep them very functional. The types of dentistry that are applied by many people are the restorative and cosmetic dentistry. People do undergo cosmetic dentistry as a means to achieve the perfect smile as it targets to repair oral issues that affect the patient’s appearance and overall beauty. Restorative dentistry on the hand deals with oral issues, that may alter the health and functionality as the procedures done are geared towards restoration of the teeth, ease the pain and treat diseases. With restorative dentistry, cosmetic surgery is well supplemented and made much more comfortable. They refer to the general practice that dentist do to ensure that our mouths stay healthy and therefore do not need specialization.

Factors such as cracked teeth, gum diseases, gingivitis are all addressed by restorative dentistry. This means that there are various procedures and treatments that are involved in restorative dentistry. If the other means of treatment fail to work on you, you will then be forced to undergo restorative treatment in order to put things in order. If you are in a terrible shape, you will be required to undergo the extraction process so that you will be able to know the status of your teeth. This is usually the last resort for people with teeth problems as much as restorative dentistry is concerned. When such happens, one could replace the missing tooth with implants, bridges or dentures. Among the most common sort out means of recovery, crown, and dental bridges are used as they always serve as the better options in such situations. The commonly used terms for teeth implants is the crown and which are commonly used as the replacement for the severely damaged teeth.

The best way to deal with cases of teeth discoloration and or misshaped and misaligned one, is through undergoing the cosmetic dental surgery. Most of the people who go for cosmetic dental surgery are actually looking to shape their smiles as much as the functionality of their mouth is concerned. To boost your self-esteem and confidence and especially when your mouth is in the picture, you will need to undergo the cosmetic restoration. Teeth whitening is one of the common procedures here that involves bleaching with the aim of getting rid of discoloration and stains in the teeth. The procedures are expensive and before you decide to go for teeth whitening you might want to assess your financial capabilities. You might want to avoid the procedure if you have implants or tooth cracks filled. Before contouring, it is essential to know that it requires a healthy type of teeth and is a solution to crooked teeth.

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